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LAN TESTER Cat-5,6 Cable Network LAN CableTester RJ11 & RJ45 With Battery

In Stock  include: LAN Tester Yellow;  LAN Tester MP8208; LAN Tester AICO (3in1)

Product Description
A Network Cable Tester tests the functionality of network cables with twisted pair, straight and crossover wire configurations. Resolving network connectivity issues is often a mere process of elimination. This network cable tester helps determine determine whether or not a network cable is the source of the problem. To use, connect one end of the network cable to the "Master" controller and the other end to the "Remote". Turn the switch found on the Master controller to the on position to begin testing. If the network cable is working properly, the Master controller and the Remote will illuminate sequentially with green lights. When testing cables with RJ-11 connectors, lights 1 through 6 should illuminate. When testing cables with RJ-45 connectors, lights 1 through 8 should illuminate.

Additional Information
Test the functionality of network cables with RJ45 and RJ11 connectors
Easy to use- plug one end of the cable into the remote and the other into the controller
Lights on the controller and the remote illuminate sequentially and simultaneously when good
Lights do not illuminate or light unsequentially if the cable is bad
Powered by 1x 9V battery (not included).

AICO cable Tester